SAS Clinical Specialization

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Base SAS Software is a fourth-generation programming language designed as the standard of data access, transformation and reporting.

Base procedures

Contains the complete reference for all Base SAS procedures. Provides information about what each procedure does and, if relevant, the kind of output that it …


Deliver the output to the third party output. Output Delivery System, you can make changes to the format and appearance of your SAS output. In particular, you can  display your output in hypertext markup language (HTML).  display your output in Rich-Text-Format (RTF).  create SAS data sets directly from output tables.  select or exclude individual output tables.  customize the layout, format, and headers of your output.


The usage information includes retrieving data from single and multiple tables; selecting specific data from tables; subsetting, ordering, and summarizing data; updating tables; combining tables to create new tables and useful reports; performing queries on database management system (DBMS) tables; using PROC SQL with the SAS macro facility; and debugging and optimizing PROC SQL code. The reference information includes statements, dictionary components, and system options.

SAS Macros

SAS has a powerful programming feature called Macros which allows us to avoid repetitive sections of code and to use them again and again when needed. It also helps create dynamic variables within the code that can take different values for different run instances of the same code. Macros can also be declared for blocks of code which will be reused multiple times in a similar manner to macro variables

SAS Graphs

SAS/GRAPH software creates and delivers accurate, high-impact visuals that enable decision makers to gain a quick understanding of critical business issues.

SAS Stats

From traditional analysis of variance and linear regression to Bayesian inference and high-performance modeling tools for massive data, SAS/STAT meets both specialized and enterprisewide statistical needs. You get proven techniques that produce accurate results, now and in the future

SAS Clinical TLF’S

  • clinical trials process
  • accessing, managing, and transforming clinical trials data
  • statistical procedures and macro programming
  • reporting clinical trials results [Tables | Listings | Figures ]
  • validating clinical trial data reporting.


SDTM (Study Data Tabulation Model) defines a standard structure for human clinical trial (study) data tabulations and for nonclinical study data tabulations that are to be submitted as part of a product application to a regulatory authority such as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

In this course you will the domain knowledge on different class level metatdata.

SAS 8 IN 1 Toolkit

  1. SAS Certification Questions
  2. SAS Advanced Certifications Questions
  3. Sample Resumes
  4. 60 Effective programs
  5. Case Studies and many more..

SAS IT Project Essential Documents

A Powerful & Multi-purpose Templates for project management. Now seamlessly manage your projects, tasks, meetings, presentations, teams, customers, stakeholders and time. This section describes all the amazing new features and options that come with our premium templates!